Page Builder Summit 2023 Resources

Great to have you here. It means you have seen my talk at the 2023 Page Builder Summit. I’m very honored and hope I was able to inspire you on your accessibility journey. Before all else I would love to tell you that the accessibility talk that Alicia St Rose gave at the Summit on Wednesday, September 20, is a wonderful addition to what I told you in my presentation. It’s called Let’s Keep It A11y! Accessibility Perspectives and Tips to Open your site to Everyone. And I recommend you watch the presentation by Gen Herres, called The Best Builder Elements for Accessibility. If you look for numbers on accessibility, and you wish to be educated as to why the number of people depending on accessibility is much higher than most assume, you will want to watch this one! She also gives very valuable, practical advice on page builder elements and what to look for.

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It will give you unlimited access to all talks, so you can watch all of these golden presentations whenever it suits you.

Zwei sich diagonal überschneidende Wireframe-Illustrationen mit HTML-Elementen. Links das Beispiel, wie man es nicht machen sollte, gekennzeichnet durch eine rote Hand mit dem Daumen nach unten. Rechts sehen Sie ein Beispiel für die richtigen semantischen HTML-Elemente. Diese ist durch eine grüne Hand mit erhobenem Daumen gekennzeichnet.

Captions & transcript

After someone mentioned on Twitter / X that she could not active captions, I decided to make a quick video tutorial how to activate the closed captions and where to get the transcript. The link will take you to YouTube.

Bonus: helpful videos (short and sweet)

Why I promote fellow accessibility specialists

After a conversation I had with someone who was trying to sell me business coaching, I decided to write a post about competition between accessibility specialists, on LinkedIn.

“Anne, why do you promote your competitors?” He asked.
I said: “Competitors? What competitors? I don’t feel we’re competitors at all. How could we be? Over 90% of the web is not fully accessible yet. There aren’t enough of us to support or teach site owners to begin with. We’re colleagues, we’re fellow accessibility advocates, we’re a relatively small group that should actually be large enough to be called a digital army.

And you, Sir, by the time you decide to make the move to have your webshop made accessible, I hope one of us has time for your project. Because there’s no AI in the world to automate that for you. The European Accessibility Act enforcement is 17 months away. And even now, you’re bleeding revenue.”

Need I say more?

„Perfect is the enemy of good“



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