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No message, no effort = no connection!

How would you feel if someone just wordlessly threw their business card in your face?

I’m always open to new connections on a business level. Are you a WordPress developer with the skill to develop accessible sites and shops, looking for a gig? Or are you a business developer with a great idea, looking for a creative / technical partner? Maybe you are a fellow food blogger who sees the value of exchanging information and experiences?  Or is there any other reason that makes you want to connect with me? Cool.

But… sending requests with no message? NOT so cool!

Just hitting the “Connect”or “Add Friend” button simply isn’t going to cut it. And spare me the “I can’t send a message along with the request when I am using the mobile app.” You can ALWAYS find a way to send a message. There are so many ways to contact me, they’re listed here.

Do you want to make a meaningful connection?

Have you ever been successful in connecting with someone at a business event, simply by mindlessly throwing your business card in their face? I don’t think so. Do I think it’s rude to send a connection request with no accompanying message on my account on Linkedin, or a friend request on my Facebook account? Or on my Xing profile, for that matter? Yes. I do. It’s basically the same as throwing that business card in someone’s face.

The answer to the question if I am willing to connect on a social platform with you, does initially not depend on what you do for a living. Wether you’re the king or queen of WordPress development, a master in the field of app development, or if you are whatever kind of digital celebrity.

It depends on if I see an opportunity for a healthy exchange of knowledge. About pushing each other to a higher professional level. About sharing.


– Anne