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Geek Speak translations – technical interpreter

You want to be sure you’re dealing with a competent party before you invest, right?

You can easily avoid assumption-based communication

Whether it’s negotiating a new website, an online store, or a web app, all parties involved eventually hit a wall of jargon from the other parties involved.

I call it the silent collision of the stakeholders. Silent, because for some it’s very difficult to admit they do not fully understand what the others are talking about. Which leads to issues at some point. Jargon and geek speak are often at the heart of assumption-based collisions at any stage of a project.

Every so often, you need a technical interpreter.

I rock geek speak translation and vice versa. With my experience, I can tell if suppliers in the process actually know what they’re doing, or if they’re throwing smoke screens. And I can translate all that geek speak into human speak, and vice versa. So all stakeholders know what they are in for. I’m able to see and understand both the technical and the non-technical side.

About the inclusivity of the text on this page

Although I hope you dear readers understand that the way I use terms such as geek speak and human speak are in no way intended discriminatory. I’m referring to the difference in language used on the work floor. Someone suggested to use nerd speak and people speak. I think I like it, but feedback is highly appreciated! Come find me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you want to speak to me about this. Needless to say you can also book an introductory session with me about this.

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