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Elementor Pro / GREYD.SUITE / WordPress Gutenberg Training

Custom training for agencies


With the right use of this formidable page builder, you can accelerate your front-end development process in a profitable way. 

Elementor Pro is best compared to a Swiss Army knife. With such a versatile knife, you can create beautiful works of art in wood. However, you can also cut off your fingers faster than you can blink.

Important to understand: Although Elementor is actively marketed as a no-coding solution, but there definitely are certain basics you need to know about front-end development to get the most out of this fantastic tool.

GREYD.SUITE – WordPress Block Builder (Gutenberg)

For lightning fast accessible websites based on the native block editor system of WordPress itself, I use GREYD.SUITE. Especially for large multisite projects that require headless and shared global content management.

Book a free introductory consult

The “Pick a date” link below takes you to my Calendly page. If you have issues scheduling there, please send me an E-mail. You will find the address on my contact page.

About the courses

Every course and training is tailored to your needs, your skills, and your level of knowledge.

I teach in German, English, and Dutch and prefer to teach at your location. If that is not an option, I can also teach you via Google Meet, Zoom, or Apple Screen Sharing. You will quickly learn to turn your graphic design into a professional website of excellent technical quality.

Prices depend on the type of training and the number of participants.

Practical training: € 95 (plus VAT) per hour to bring you up to speed.

Full training from A to Z: to be discussed. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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