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Why captioning videos is beneficial in more than one way

Closed captions are a no-brainer!

  1. The number of people watching your videos with sound off is much larger than you assume! In fact, 80% of all video viewers are not deaf or hard of hearing.
  2. Auto-generated captions suck. In our world, we call them auto-craptions. Even if they have the words right, they lack punctuation. That’s a lousy user experience.
  3. Closed captions are indexed by Google. It’s one of the most overlooked SEO opportunities on the web.

Adding closed captions to YouTube videos is a piece of cake these days, and it’s free!

You do not need to pay for an additional tool, if you really don’t want to.

I’m not saying it’s a quick job. The longer your video, the more time you need. But in YouTube Studio, you can actually edit the auto-generated captions, and save them as closed captions.

Audio transcript

From that file I am talking about, you can also create an audio transcript which you can add to your page when you embed the video on your site.

See? An absolute no-brainer.

FAQ about Captioning videos

Reinventing the wheel is inefficient, and praise should go to where praise belongs: Meryl Evans is in my top 10 of most communicative, passionate accessibility advocates. She wrote this FAQ on captioning videos.