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Accessibility Advocate Humor

Yeah, that title is (partially) clickbait

This is actually more about the power of analogies in my line of work. There are days when I want to scream, curse and morph into an acid oozing dragon to torch the bliss out of some people’s ignorance. But getting angry never works. Humor does. When I can get someone to understand more about the need for inclusivity by using a humorous analogy, that’s a win. If I can pique their curiosity that way, or by applying mild sarcasm (I’m really not that good at the latter), it’s a win too.

Recently I came across an old tweet, which inspired me to write this post in the first place:

I’m waiting for a modern remake of A Christmas Carol. Except, now Ebenezer Scrooge is the one who doesn’t give a damn about accessibility and is tied up in a very uncomfortable chair, cotton in his ears, doors to big decisions in a dark room, that all light up with “click here”.

Accessibility humor tweet by Anne-Mieke Bovelett.

If you get it, you know more about accessibility than most

If you didn’t get it, book a free consultation with me. I’ll explain this in no time. There is some risk, though. You might end up an accessibility advocate too.