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Greyd, the redesign and relaunch

Improved messaging and more accessibility progress!

At the time where I sit down to write this, it’s exactly two years ago that I had just gotten a mind-blowing demo from Thomas Koschwitz. He found me on LinkedIn. I wrote about that in the past, it’s one of my favourite stories.

I’m glad I did get that demo before I had even seen the (now former) website, because had I just visited that by myself, I may well have been one of the anonymous bounces in the stats.

I’m proud

The previous website was beautifully designed. But the messaging was confusing. That’s simply something that happened over time when the product expanded and more and more information was added.

Months of preparation and hard work (blood, sweat and tears we say in The Netherlands) resulted in both the release of the new version of Greyd.Suite including their Block Theme (FSE), and a complete redesign and technical overhaul of both their website and helpcenter (which is now getting its content from Helpscout through the headless API that Greyd will soon officially release).

Both sites turned out great, in my opinion.

The message is loud and clear, the design has been tuned down to a more minimalistic approach. But the information is concise. Anyone with an eye for business can tell that using Greyd.Suite is the way to grow your WordPress agency to deal with enterprise level projects.

And more so: now you can watch a video demo! [UTM / Hubspot Link?]

I’m proud to have been part of this project. And it’s a fantastic use case. Both for their own product, Greyd.Suite, and for how to tackle accessibility in a high paced company.

Is the new website accessible?

This is one of the things I am super excited about. Contrast issues have been resolved. Alt texts have been added where they needed to be added. Links are underlined, the sites can be navigated by keyboard. Screen reader testing has gone well, but user testing will give the final verdict there.

We’ve gotten incredibly far and we’re coming closer and closer to resolving the final issues. They’re being worked on as we speak. Some things are challenging. There are some obstacles that originate from WordPress core. But I’m optimistic as ever.

I’ll keep you posted!

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